There is so much cool stuff coming to #Knoggl, can’t wait to share everything with you.
People will be able to earn money on #Knoggl.
We are now working on the #Android version of #Knoggl. It’s a lot of work, thanks to everyone who supports us!
Achtung! #Knoggl 2.1.6 is out for #iOS, it adds full support for iOS 16.
Achtung! #Knoggl 2.0.5 is out for #iOS! You should update in order to see timestamps since we changed some stuff on our servers.
#Knoggl ist mittlerweile so komplex, dass selbst ich den Überblick verliere 🥴!
You can now help us translate and localize #Knoggl 🥳! All information can be found here https://github.com/knoggl/Knoggl-Localization
We have just published the completely rewritten version of our website. The functionality is currently the same, but will catch up a lot in the future thanks to #Nuxt3. The new website is more performant and in general it looks much more polished and adapts better to the #Knoggl design scheme.